Adding to the story of Port Pirie

The exhibition ‘Families, Floods & Furnaces’ is providing a wonderful place for people to revisit their history and share stories. We are able to learn more about some of the great photographs that are in the exhibition, such as this one –

74. 1934 Zeipes House-boyCamera copywhen we were visited today by Coral Evans and her daughter, Lindy Pollard. Coral (nee Ziepes) is the little girl being held by her mother Olive. Her dog, Oigle, the black cocker spaniel is next to them. Her father, Arthur, is holding brother, Trevor, while big brother, Les, prepares to take a photo. Her aunt and uncle, Ruby and Steve Button, who lived across the road are also in the photo. The house is situated in Eighth Street and is in poor condition these days.

We also learned that the photo was taken in the 1941 flood when Coral was 6 years old, and that their name is spelt Ziepes – not Zeipes.

Coral Evans & Lindy Pollard at PPRAG 17 June 15Thank you Coral and Lindy for adding to the wonderful story of Port Pirie!

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